At TruSmiles we are constantly keeping informed of the new technology that is being developed for the better care of our patients. Dental technology is constantly improving to help make procedures simpler, and more comfortable.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are less radiation than traditional x-rays and diagnostically more sound for dental professionals.


Intra Oral Cameras

This small pen like camera help dental professionals show the patient what they see.

TVs with Netflix

At TruSmiles, there is a TV in each room to provide entertainment while treatmen is being done.


Traditionally dentists would use a rubber dam, at TruSmiles we use the Dry Shield which is more comfortable.

iTero Element Scanner

Say goodbye to the goop, digital impressions taken before your eyes. With these digital impressions your models are highly accurate and can be sent directly to the lab or Invisalign® meaning less wait time.

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